Nikk Mole Tweezers Sharp (Pink)


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Sharp eyebrow tweezers are an extension of the hand. The most experienced master will not be able to carry out a comfortable procedure for the client with an excellent result without a high-quality instrument. A good eyebrow tweezer that does not break off hairs, does not hurt, is simply priceless. In Nikk Mole updated the design and configuration of the classic tweezers, taking into account the wishes of many of our colleagues and buyers. We have created a tool that emphasizes the individuality of the artist and gives a complete feeling of confidence in working on any eyebrow.

The new model has a classic shape and a slight bevel of the hair gripping line. The hand does not get tired and does not strain even with prolonged correction of complex neglected eyebrows. Sharpening – only diamond, as the most effective and durable. The tweezers are made of stainless steel, which is excellent for disinfection and sterilization. The pink decorative coating is heat-resistant or autoclave-resistant.

Tweezers made of stainless medical steel

The special shape and turning of the tips of the tweezers – perfectly fitting beveled tips of the tweezers – grips and removes the finest and shortest hairs as tightly as possible

The tips of the tweezers are sharpened in a special way – they are not sharp and do not injure the delicate skin around the eyebrows.

Hair removal is painless through gentle pressure. The classic shape is suitable for soft to medium hair. It is more convenient to remove thick hairs and “stumps”  with sharp tweezers .

The Nikk Mole eyebrow tweezers price already includes a special plastic tip for storage. Sharpening is an indicator of the quality of tweezers, therefore we release the tool only in a complete set to ensure that its basic properties are preserved.


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