Nikk Mole No. 2 Neutralizer, Restoring 1 pcs 1 ml


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The composition nourishes, fills the hair scales. The neutralizer contains sodium bromate, cityl alcohol; the composition restores the bonds of the hair and fixes its shape.


Mode of application:

Apply with a brush the same amount as for the 1st composition, combing in the direction of the desired hair styling. If necessary, smooth or press the hairs in the desired direction with the back of the brush / spatula. The exposure time of the composition depends on the density of the hair. On a thin hair, the exposure time is 2-4 minutes, on a hair of medium hardness 3-6 minutes, on a hard hair up to 8 minutes.

We wash off the neutralizer with a cotton pad moistened with water, comb the hairs. Paint with paint if necessary.


Up to 20 uses


IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW! When working with formulations, do not cover with foil! After the procedure, do not wet for 24 hours (baths, saunas, solarium, do not scrub eyebrows). The procedure can be repeated after 2-3 months, when the eyebrow hairs are completely renewed.


Composition / Ingredients:

Sodium bromate, Cethyl alcohol, Emacol, Parfum, Color, Purified water


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