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Specialy designed microfiber cloths, dedicated for full make up removal using only water!

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We‘re proud to present You innovative cloths for make-up removal, specificaly designed for daily use. The material is made using Nanotec technology and ultra-soft components in order to gently & thoroughly clean Your skin. Cloth can be used for thorough and effective removal of eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, skin powder, make-up base etc. If You want to clean Your face without any chemicals, using only water, this cloth is the best tool to Your needs!


  • No chemicals required (only water);
  • More effective than conventional make-up removers;
  • Can be used multiple times (use it, wash it & use it again);
  • Made of pure microfiber material (75% polyester and 25% of polyamide treated using Nanotec technology);
  • Specificaly-dyed microfibers provide high level of absorption without any dye leakage to Your skin;
  • Cloth is very easy to clean – can be washed with simple soap and/or detergent-free cleaner;
  • Perfectly removes mascara, powder, eyeshadow etc.;
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, can also be used to prevent alergies;
  • Contains no hard materials or fibers, thus providing full softness possible.


  1. Product is easy to use: simply dampen the cloth with some water and clean the skin – using very mild strokes – the cloth will take care of the makeup.
  2. When the cloth gets soaked with makeup, rinse under a stream of water and continue the cleaning process.
  3. After cleaning Your skin, rinse the cloth using simple soap & warm tap water, then leave it to dry.

Compatible: with all types skin types, ideal for allergy sufferers.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Can be used with alcohol-based cosmetic cleaners. Not compatible with fabric softeners, also cleaners containing detergents, acetone, and acids (do not use for nail lacquer removal).


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