Mineral solution EKKOBEAUTY for henna dilution (30 ml)


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Mineral solution EKKOBEAUTY is a product that is used to mix with henna for eyebrow tinting. Henna water allows for a more uniform blend to be applied to the skin. It contains an optimal composition of minerals, due to which the working composition of henna is softer, and the brightness of the color will last as long as possible.

Mineral solution EKKOBEAUTY is specially designed for mixing with henna for eyebrows. The formula of the mineral solution does not contain foreign impurities, additives and heavy metals. Interacting with henna, the mineral solution allows you to get a guaranteed result and prolong the durability of the stain. Convenient packaging of the mineral solution allows you to use the product sparingly.


In a non-metallic container, mix eyebrow henna with 3-7 drops of a mineral solution (1: 2).


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