Long, beveled nylon Eyebrow Dye brush no 72


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Extra long beveled nylon brush, thanks to its unusual shape, the brush perfectly spreads the color in the eyebrow tinting.

The eyebrow dyeing brush is a professional eyebrow dyeing tool that greatly facilitates the coloring process. It serves as an excellent assistant for both experienced craftsmen and novice eyebrowers.

The cut has a beveled shape that allows you to accurately draw the edge of the arc and apply the coloring matter densely, without gaps. The pile is made of taklon – an artificial material that is as close as possible in its characteristics to natural. It is very elastic, perfectly keeps its shape and does not shag, soft and pleasant to the touch.

The degree of wear resistance is quite high – the service life of such fibers is almost twice as long as compared to natural ones. They do not absorb the coloring agent, they collect the optimal amount, are easily washed from its remnants with plain water and dry quickly. The bundle is tightly packed and clamped with a metal base, which prevents it from spilling out.


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