Eyelash tweezers NIKK MOLE (pink)


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Super soft touch and weightless NIKK MOLE eyelash tweezers in the hand of a master for working with eyelashes is what everyone dreams of. Curved eyelash tweezers are used by lash makers and eyebrow artists in the process of lamination, BIO fixation, classic and volume eyelash extensions. It has high accuracy due to a thin sharp blade, soft stroke, tight closing of the valves, high-quality manual sharpening. This lightweight and ergonomic tool is made of high quality stainless steel, easily captures the required number of eyelashes from the tape, can be subjected to any type of sterilization without fear of metal corrosion.

Thanks to the curved tip of the eyelash tweezers, which have a perfect convergence along the entire length, it is easier and faster to capture several eyelashes at the same time for volume eyelash extension. The tweezers are made of durable stainless steel and have a special coating that prevents slipping during operation. NIKK MOLE eyelash tweezers fit perfectly in the hand, are easy to squeeze and do not tire the hand.

With a convenient shape, eyelash tweezers will ensure minimal contact with the client’s eyelid and will help the specialist to easily cope with time-consuming, long-term work. Tweezers are great for arranging beams of any volume. Due to the length of the working sheets, it is possible to form bundles both with fingers and from a tape. Comfortable, maneuverable, thin and elegant tool is perfect for both professional and home use.


Mode of application:

Take the eyelash tweezers in your hand and gently start the procedure.


Stainless steel.


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